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So, I did actually go see Dark Knight on opening weekend (despite originally not intending to!). Normally I'm all gung-ho about going opening night, or at least demanding opening weekend, but for some reason I was ready to by pass it this time around. Anyways, The lines were horrible, and we were early none the less. However, my luck did not yet run out on me, and I was able to procure my normal seat (just slightly to the right of the center, first row with a bar) despite not being anywhere close to the front of the line. Somehow half the line was diverted to a second theatre, so we managed to get in relatively early. But luck then would of course have to leave... just as the previews were starting, my allergy medication fully wore off (and quickly, I might add) and I could no longer breathe through my nose. SHEER AGONY!! I sat throughout the entire film trying to quietly blow my nose or move around as much as possible without disturbing anyone else just to try to breathe through my nose. I had claritin in my purse, but it doesn't work well for unclogging. It at least gave a tiny modicum of relief, and of course as soon as the movie ended and I could walk around a bit, it finally cleared it up enough that the agony drowned down to just a severe annoyance. I don't know how anyone can expect me to enjoy anything in that condition, but I managed to focus on the movie quite a bit.

Spoiler info: The Dark Knight review )

On a second note, I've started playing around with using the Apple browser, Safari, on Windows. It of course has its downsides, for instance, I don't get the really cool rich-text editor for LJ with Safari that I do for Windows Explorer, but its usability is so much easier. For instance, tab browsing for IE is difficult when it doesn't seem to want to understand that ctrl-t is for a new tab. I sometimes have to press it four or five times before it works. Not with Safari. I've also grown accustomed in the several years I've been a mac user, to where everything is, and I never have to go looking for a particular function. *happehsigh* I of course still prefer my home computers to my work Windows PC, but at least I get a tiny bit of home with it.

On a final note, I was saddened to learn that one of my AMUN friends was mugged last week here in DC. Apparently it was really bad; the muggers broke his jaw, stole his wallet, phone and glasses, and put him in the ICU for a few days. We as an AMUN DC group are waiting to hear more, but my heart goes out to him and his family *bighugs*.
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From just about the first episode, I fell, and fell hard, for Stargate SG-1. I'd been a fan of the movie for years, but for some reason just never sat down to get into the TV show until about three months ago. Anyways, I moved on to Stargate Atlantis, and i've found myself struggling through it. But alas, a ray of sunshine shown this evening as I was watching the third season episode, "The Ark" (which is coincidentally one episode before I know my favorite character gets all toasty *damned spoilers!*) when McKay commented to the "whoever he is" (I don't know, as I immediately paused the show to blog this) that the computer that brought him back to life completely froze up before he had a chance to restore the rest of his race (hrm, while I'm at it, doesn't it sound a bit like "Lifeboat"??) and that he should "have used a Mac" with this perfect little "yeah I'm a machead, don't you mess with me and your silly vista" look. It was downright precious, given that I downloaded the episode from the Apple iTunes store, watching it on my iMac, and was cruising with my Powerbook looking for new apps for my iPhone. Commercial for Apple much? Not nearly enough (as I'd still like some items from the Apple store I haven't bought yet.

Anyways, without further adeu, I return to the episode to see who the hell the computer brought back and why he's on a moon station anyways.

(note, quote seven minutes into scene, just in case I want to capture it later!)


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