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So, it has come to my attention that I ask A LOT of canon questions, usually via instant messenger to at least one of my canon SG-1 goddesses for a nitpicky question here or there, such as my current one: When is the first time we see Sha're's picture?? (As in, I really want to know if we see it prior to the season 2 episode "Secrets") If you happen to know the answer to this, please let me know!!

But then I also inquired if there were such a LJ comm that would be specifically for canon questions (for those of us that try desperately to stay in canon when possible when writing??) The Wikis are great, but when you don't know where exactly to look (like in cases where finding the answer to the question above either means watching all of Season 1 again until found (which may not be a waste of time, but may indeed delay the reason the question was asked in the first place) or going through the transcripts on the Wikis) it sometimes can be answered by a resident canon SG-1 goddess. So the question then is, is it worth having an SG-1 Canon community in which to ask these questions, do I just keep annoying people on my IM who might know the answer, or am I the only person asking these questions to begin with?

a plea...

Dec. 6th, 2008 12:46 pm
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I'm sending out a call for a beta! I am in desperate need for someone who is okay with a Meridian based story who can come in and help me through it.  I will warn any volunteers in advance it is Daniel's POV and can get a bit harsh/painful early on.  I know Meridian is an iffy area for a lot of Daniel fans, so I don't want to specifically make a request to a particular person, hence the call.  On the plus side, it gets lighter before the end, so its not all death and pain (at least the way it's developing!) 
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This weekend was horrible!!  Okay, not totally horrible, because Kevin came over and I certainly enjoyed my time with him.  He even enjoyed participating in the [ profile] redial_the_gate  chat and watching a kickass episode of SG-1.  He wasn't that hot though on some of the episodes of season one though!  Anyways, the reason it was horrible is because I came down with a cold--one that hit me really really hard.  It started Thursday with a sore throat, and by Friday I was having nasal congestion problems.  By Saturday I was downright miserable, partially because another little friend decided to visit me, so I was all around uncomfortable.   Its now Tuesday, I still don't have much of a voice, I didn't get nearly anything I wanted to get done this weekend, and still carrying around a box of tissues like a security blanket. 

I was fortunate that I took off half a day on Friday as I worked an extra five hours unexpectedly on Wednesday, so it gave me the opportunity to be less miserable at work and more miserable at home--though I spent the entire time working, cleaning, and doing laundry.  ick.

I did get one thing done, my entry for Jack Alpha-Bits, and knowing that it was written while legally high on cold and allergy medication on top of the constant light-headedness I get when I blow my nose (which is all the time!!) I really need a beta to look over it once.  I just have no idea if it is even good, let alone whether I have their voices or can write in proper English right now...

Oh, and spending all day on the phone with airline peoples when you don't have a voice==bad.  Singing in the car on the way home after spending the day on the phone with airline peoples when you don't have a voice==even badder.  I'm squeaking and losing all voice on the stressed syllables of words.  I think the Grahams find it funny.


Sep. 11th, 2008 10:45 am
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Where to start, where to start?? Well, I have been online, just not updating... nothing new there people! Anyways, I'm here to bitch and complain about the 55 minute delay I had because of poor traffic planning here in Pentagon City for the ceremonies today for 9/11. I actually felt a little bad when I finally found out why I had a delay of 55 minutes for a trek that normally takes 6 minutes. I have to drive from the suburbs of Baltimore through DC to the Pentagon/Crystal City as it is, which takes anywhere on a normal day from 40 to 75 minutes, so a 49 minute extra delay is really unacceptable. Don't read this as "I'm upset that the Pentagon is having a ceremony to commemorate 9/11" though. I work for a contractor on a Navy and Air Force Project. This is the "The DC and Virginia Police should have handled the traffic better so that the rest of us who didn't get invites can still go to work on time" rant. It didn't help that some poor schmuck's $40g car stopped in the left lane while about to get on a bridge so that we were even moving slower than before. I managed to salvage an extra twenty minutes to my day by taking a little known exit (Clark St. for those of you in the DC area) and driving around the backway into Crystal City. Fortunately I'm right at the northern end, so I didn't have to get back onto Rt. 1, which is where it looked like they were diverting all the traffic anyways. *sigh*

Onto less bitchiness... I totally enjoyed a family Chipotle night... mind you its been over a year since we have had a family chipotle night, and I <3 chipotle. So, I hop *yes, at one point i was hopping in joy* with my mom to the local Chipotle and we order our deliciousness to-go. My father was the only one of us to order a burrito, my mom and I preferring burrito bowls instead. So we get home, and knowing that my father has never had a burrito from Chipotle, I give him the napkin with the pictured directions on how to eat said burrito. "Dad, follow these directions," I told him in a cheezy, patronizing way. But did he listen to me and follow the directions?? Of course not!! So here he was, unwrapping the entire foil around it, and the burrito falls apart in his hands. *hangs head in shame* I shamelessly mock him the entire way through dinner as I tackle my own bowl in my own strange way. Rather than using a fork or spoon like civilized people do, I mix it all up with a bit of extra sour cream and use it as a really really thick cream salsa and I scoop it up onto their delicious lime chips. I then head to bed happily content with a stomach full of rice and beans goodness.

Anyways, I'm sure I have more to mention in my mundane life, but I honestly can't think of much. Muses are attacking with less fervor as I reach the end of yet another story arc in my Young Daniel series (which has now been lined out to 24 vignettes, and about seven of which have been fully outlined and in various stages of being flushed out into real stories.) They attack when least appropriate, like when I'm actually concentrating on an excel worksheet at work or driving home on a phone conference for AMUN. Getting them to come out and play during better hours is a daunting task however. *sigh* I commented this morning to my coworker Graham the Younger (not to be confused with Captain Graham my supervisor) that Stargate has taken me wholeheartedly into fandom, and I have not fallen this hard into fandom in several years. Its almost exhausting how into it I am. But at least its a happy fandom with lots of fandomness with it, fanfiction, active communities, and not to mention continual releases of new movies and tv shows... its not like a long dead fandom like Jules Verne... *but don't knock Jules there, buddy!! He was wicked cool in his day!*

Anyways, one last thing... my coworker took the nerd quiz I took here And while he outscored me on science by a few points, and computers/tech by one (he has a degree in computers, I have on in history and political science), he radically outscored me on dorkiness!!! OMG! I find this totally funny because I don't see him as the nerd in just about any way... he's socially acceptable and pleasant, although he's not cool enough to have Darth Vader on his car like I do, I enjoy having him as a co-worker... but for him to be dorkier than I am is just down right funny... (He scored an 89% to my meagre 40%) On a high note though, I got him to watch the Stargate Movie this week, and now he's not talking "If I see the series" but "When I see the series..." MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! Another convertee to Stargate!!!! (I'm just going to de-dorkify now for a few minutes...)
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Calliope and Melpomene are barraging my imagination!! I've been unable to stop writing for close to two weeks now, and while i've been forcing myself to do other things, like desperately getting my AMUN work done, my nights are filled with new scenes begging to be penned down. I've not had a decent nights sleep in a long while, my imagination is on overdrive!!! *ggaahhh!!!*

Storywise, most of my major plotlines have changed as well... I made out two characters to be really awesome people (when originally they were supposed to be *bleh* indifferent cameos), only to have to kill them off (with *gasp* their newborn son) in a tragic car accident. *hangs head in shame* I can't seem to write the stoicism and poise of my main secondary character, Allister Thomas. He is stately and academic and reserved. And I can't come up with any way better of saying it. He's supposed to be the epitome of high class academic, one who commands the respect of his peers by the way he holds himself and the way he talks. The worst is when he's angry. I can't seem to express the expressions of cold anger in him. *uuggghhh!*

I finally hit a stopping point, now that my main character is in the hospital with pneumonia following a vicious attack on him, and I'm working through in my head his means of recovery, the community effect his school brings in that his family life leaves out. I am very thankful for this break, the chance to finally concentrate on something else for a few minutes, while I work out the kinks in the storyline... Because once they work out, it'll be nearly impossible to not write it.
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I spent most of the weekend choosing to do almost nothing. Why? Because I really wanted to be by the phone in case my best friend needed to talk. His mom's in the hospital and not doing very well at all. (I will not go further into it as it is his family's business, and it should then be only theirs to share further.) So, I just chilled. Oh, except for Saturday evening. I went out to dinner at Chevy's (mexican food) with my family for my sister's birthday, and then she and her boyfriend came over afterwards for cake. I'm very happy my parents decided after 25 years to finally stop singing "Happy Birthday" which sounds pathetic with only three people singing it. I kept forgetting (even until about an hour before we needed to go) that we were going out for my sister's birthday, and while I cannot totally account for this apparent early onset of Alzheimer's at the ripe old age of 27, I have to assume I've partially forgotten because I did not go shopping for her. At all. She wanted a dishwasher for her birthday, and so my mother and she went out and got one. I think I still owe my mother for my portion of it. After all, Kat specifically said in an email that she wants nothing else other than a new dishwasher for her house she bought back in March.
Technically her birthday is tomorrow; I may surprise myself and give into older-sister hovering and do something for her.
So, in my exploits to imitate a vegetable this weekend, I found myself amused last night walking out to the kitchen/family room while cooking today's lunch and doing laundry. I made three trips into the kitchen/family room (all one room, separated only by a rug) and noticed my mother watching a cheezy made-for-TV movie, Aftershock: Earthquake in NYC. The first time I walked out, I caught a look at Sgt. Johnson (from SG-3) and Martouf/Lantesh, and immediately recognized them. Of course, my mother vaguely recognized Martouf, but only guessed him after I mentioned that he kissed Sam and had a "double personality"... (My mother is my Stargate partner--we made it through all ten seasons together in a recent marathon, so it should be all fresh in her mind... more on that later though).
I kid you not, the second time I walked in, there was the head Trust guy right there on the screen, as the mayor's aid. Again I asked my mother if she recognized him, but she did not. Then again, sometimes she doesn't recognize the big actors in movies, let alone one show. I certainly didn't expect for her to recognize Johnson or Trust Guy, but she should have gotten Martouf much faster, given how much she liked him in the series. I was beginning to wonder if I just had Stargate on my mind (which is all thats been up there for five months now, so its a reasonable assumption, isn't it?) when the third time I walked out there, Maybourne and Narim were standing on a ledge of a building in this kind of existential look. It was then and there I walked out for the last time, motioning to my mother that I would not be returning out that evening as I really didn't want to recognize more people! I mean, come on? Maybourne and Narim together in what looked like a "best friends" scene? it was just too funny. Not to mention that Martouf seemed to acting more like a Go'auld than his normal Tok'ra self. Johnson and trust guy didn't seem to have lines. I must assume that the movie was filmed in Vancouver, since otherwise how would five canadian actors ended up on a NYC themed movie?
Anyways... that little bit blew my mind last night in SG goodness. Otherwise the weekend and the updates I got kinda sucked. *sadsigh*
Anyways... I am superexcited for the release of the Hammond Alphabet Soup [ profile] sg_fignewton is holding for tonight. Nothing like new reading material!.
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Got a new fic up in honor of [ profile] sg_fignewton's Gen Fic Day to celebrate Daniel Jackson's Birthday (SG-1 folks, or have you not been reading this is my current fandom of choice?) and I have been toying with this story in my head for a few days and it finally came out in written form.

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