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So... I've hit the wall, so to speak...  I started watching season 1 of Farscape about two months ago, hoping to really get into it like I did Stargate only six blissful months ago.  It didn't happen... After the first two episodes I think I didn't touch it for almost a month, but I've been slowly trying to get into it, watching an episode or two every couple days.  I've finished 18 episodes, and reading the descriptions for Eps 19-22 (Nerve, Hidden Memory, Born to be Wild, and Family Ties), they all seem like a longer story arc that leads directly into season 2 opener.  So if I start down these episodes, I will inevitably want to purchase season 2.  The question then becomes, do I want to?  I try to give each show at least a season to grasp me into their clutches.  With four episodes shy of a full season, if I quit now, I won't have been truly kind to Farscape, but it is a waste of money for me to purchase a second season if I really lose interest.  Someone once commented to me season 2 totally made up for a lackluster season 1, but I would really like your opinions.  For you non-scifi geeks, there are even responses for ya'lls, so participate!![Poll #1277304]
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I've completed through the current episode of Stargate Atlantis (finally!) I think it actually took me longer to get through the four seasons of Atlantis than for all ten seasons of SG-1. I'm still not overly fond of the team in general, and its taken far too long to get accustomed to them. The best part of Atlantis is the personal relationships between Sheppard's team members and some of the other members of Atlantis--they are the best part of the writing. It just needs Daniel, and some more deep voiced "Indeed"s and maybe I'd fall for it wholeheartedly. *sigh*

On a second note, I've downloaded Dr. Horrible... definately a little strange and even a little funny... but I've formed no permanent opinion just yet.

Now that I've finished Atlantis, I had to make a decision as to where to progress from here, so I purchased the first season of Farscape. I'll give it a season not to disappoint me.


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