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May. 3rd, 2009 12:38 pm
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So, I try to mentally keep a list of scenes with great icon potential in my head... unfortunately, I am blonde. So then I go in search of said scene, and find others instead (in episodes I knew it wouldn't be in, but I got distracted... again, being a blonde that happens a lot). This time I was a wee bit successful. I was trying to find a couple good scenes from season 5 (though most ended up being from season 6) and came up with these:

for [livejournal.com profile] sg_betty I changed the last two into her particular color scheme:
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So, following discussions on the previous posts, [livejournal.com profile] sg_fignewton made a request for another icon, so I finally found some time to get to it. I'm also posting the rest of the first set I made when I did Janet Alphabet Soup icons.

The last three are because there are generally two three ways of spelling her name, and I didn't want to just pick one. Thanks Cleo for the update!
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In celebration of the upcoming Janet Alphabet Soup hosted by [livejournal.com profile] sg_fignewton, I couldn't help but get cozy with me photoshop and do some icon-makin'! Alphabet Soup contributors: feel free to snerk and use to your pleasure! I hope you enjoy!

for an authentic alphabet soup rendition!
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So, now that AMUN is done, I've got loads of things I wanted to do, and now I actually have a little bit of time I can dedicate to that list. On the wishlist of things to get done were some new icons. While I'm certainly not done, I have put together a bunch in the past week or so (mostly these past few days since AMUN), but there are two in particular I am extremely happy with:

And while I'm on the subject of new icons, here are a few I created that I might not have posted:

And because I may have more than two or so non-Stargate ones, they are behind a cut! )
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While I still haven't decided on the fate of Farscape... I've decided to reward myself on doing near absolutely nothing this weekend by making an icon from this week's SGA: The Lost Tribe... Its only spoilery in where it is set, so it is behind a cut...

Who were the guys behind the suits anyways?? ) was kind enough to point out a spelling error *eep!*  Corrected!  Thanks! 

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Had a hell of a time getting this animated, though I was quite pleased with some of the new techniques I thought of (and worked!!) to properly crop each frame without making the picture shaky *go me!* This icon is only 80x80 but it LJ-sized... the 100x100 frame I just couldn't get below 57K, and the maximum size for LJ is 40K.

I love, love, love this scene... Daniel is just tooooooo cute!

Edit: figured it was easier to add in one more than create another post...

And finally, I saw the cereal at the Super Walmart down the street (don't hate me please!!!) and I couldn't resist snapping a pic with the hope of making an icon for the upcoming Jack Alpha Bits Ficathon hosted by [livejournal.com profile] sg_fignewton... Here is my result:

(for those of you participating in the Jack Alpha Bits ficathon, feel free to swipe the icon (and any others you like--I like to share!)
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 got really silly at two in the morning... although i've totally decided to rework the two earlier icons (getting rid of the white border) I was messing around with some animation, and came up with this...

I've got a better version with better transitions for Ba'al, but it was too large for LJ... *sigh*
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I do the random iconage thing whenever the urge strikes me, so a couple came out today...
Both are from Daniel's visit to Atlantis (the highlight of the week!)

Edit: changed them out, but I still have to resize the second one *again!*


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