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So, I soo wasted loads of time today I should have been working on my volunteer work updating my samantilles@DW layout in Stargate goodness. But I think it looks not too shabby (though some tweaking will be necessary shortly!)

*happeh/satisfied sigh*


Jul. 11th, 2008 11:08 am
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So, I've gotten re-interested in LJ a bit more than I have been recently (if only I can get back to my own blog as readily, I'll be happy!) and found a few really good comms/groups of people I think might be interesting, so I've been friending like crazy (stargate people of course... but its also getting me thinking of other fandoms as well! good thing I guess?) I've even gotten back into writing, and being someone who's had severe writers block for several years, its huge! I even went to the point of fixing some of the errors on my layout I've been meaning to do for a while, like changing my age to reflect that I've gotten a year older since I last updated the layout! I also removed all my friends filters from the top of the page and added them to my sidebar and expanded them so I can actually see the communities I want to see at a particular time. Some are more active than others, and leaving them on the older pages would flood them with one or two communities too quickly. Anyways--happy with what I did! Added a few usericons to my collection via stargaters also *gee*.

BTW, what is up with my recent listening to all things Train? Their playlist has been playing for about five days straight...
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that margin error was driving me up the wall... though in order to correct it i had to give up my user icons *pout* It still needs some work, but tweaking is not as bad now that I can read everything!


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