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So, after careful consideration, I've decided a few things:

1.) LJ is still my main journal (I <3 my permanent account and that I've been here six years already) and I don't want to import it to Dreamwidth. Any imports I do with this LJ is for backup purposes only, not to move servers. My posting here (my topics, frequency, etc) shouldn't change (well, hopefully frequency will be a bit more, but other than that...)

2.) Dreamwidth is now "All Stargate, All the Time" and my primary posting point for all things Stargate. Some will continue to be cross posted here and to my writing journal, as they always have been. I look forward to having a totally fannish journal!! (some may notice that my main journal has a bit of Stargate, but not nearly as much as I might find a reason to post about, as I do have some non-stargate readers on my flist and those who visit the site but are not members. This corrects that!)

3.) I also started up [ profile] samsnewhome and I plan to start blogging this weekend with some backup pictures I have from before. I'm actually quite excited about that!

I'm totally in the mood to do nothing but update everything this weekend, but goodness knows I've still got tons of Laundry to do and other setbacks to 24hour blogging. *sigh*
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Never have been. But beyond that, I still came up with a cheesy (so cheesy the gooeyness oozes from the bread) poem about how I came to fall in love with Stargate. It was originally written as an introduction, but not used, so here it goes.

be warned: 22 couplet sets with a triplet at the end, each line eight syllables... yeah, I nearly lost my geek status with this one... )

Did I mention how hard it was to find something that rhymed with Teal'c? Yeah, it is. I also noticed how kind of sad it is that I admitted my original writing may never come back... *sob*


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