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Oct. 30th, 2008 10:21 pm
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I have sucessfully come to the end of a very very hectic month here at work... Its now 2215 here, and I'm just getting out to leave... but, I'm sooo incredibly happy at my successes for this--I have a clean desk!!
I never have a clean desk... ever!!   I'm soo much closer to actually getting done reorganizing and filing (we just got filing cabinets in not too long ago, so I've got a pile of work I've done thats sitting in a desk drawer...) speaking of desk drawers--I actually also cleaned one out today!!!  A feat not attempted since March of this year (right after I started!)

 also pulled in some mad hours, this being the third day in two weeks i've worked past ten pm... I have more than enough hours banked to take off tomorrow (which is usually a very hectic day for me, being the end of a financial period and expense reports are due to me) so I will be doing just a wee bit from home (like my own expense reports!) but otherwise, I am dedicating a good part of tomorrow to AMUN for research--going to the UN library here in DC (which I'm kinda excited about in that strange archival science degree student way)...
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 an even 15 hours of work today... I'm sooo taking off early on Halloween!!  Leaving shortly...
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You know, its pretty stupid to finish watching an angsty drama season fanale at midnight, especially when you know it'll make you cry, and then you can't go to bed after you cried... So you stay up and start the next season and see the resolution...  Yup... I did it, again... This time, The O.C. Season 1 (I always cry when Ryan leaves...)  I was up until 3 am watching the O.C., posting my fic for the Jack Alpha-Bits ficathon, and trying--TRYING--to get to sleep despite the shooting pain behind my right eye because of nasal allergies (I hate you pollen!!)

That wouldn't be as much of a problem if I didn't have to be at work super early today (730 instead of my normal 9-930 start time) so I only got three hours of sleep, and I soo desperately wanted to read the ficathon...  But alas, I have not read much... I've caught a few when I could no longer concentrate and the stories were short... I am still at work, now 740pm (yup, 12 hours, ten minutes and counting), I will not make it home for Heroes (which I thankfully DVR) and I will surely be up half the night enjoying wonderful fictional stories!!  And if I'm not up reading, I'm sure as hell going to be watching The O.C. again... *sigh*  Though I think I've saved up enough time to again take off half a day on Friday!!!  Not to mention the next chapter of my series has finally come to me... I just have to sit down and write it... *moresigh* 
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I"m effin freezing!!!  I've been getting colder and colder for days now, trying to toss extra blankets on the bed, covering up in sweaters and sweatpants and doubling up on socks... its just damn cold in the house, its constantly raining outside; i just can't keep warm!!!  *brrrrpout*  so right now I'm using my laptop to keep my lap warm... of course i was stupid enough to eat ice cream while cold (there's absolutely nothing else in the house right now)...  *mehness*

Loved DJ on SGA last night, but i'm seriously upset that I have to wait two weeks for my next delicious archaeologist high... the good thing is that next friday i'm pretty sure i've got a crammed work schedule lat into the night, which means probably no [ profile] redial_the_gate chat on "Urgo" and I've already set my DVR for Sanctuary.  *pout* but its a big event at work, so its awesome i'm working on it.  


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